Do Our Actions Speak Louder Than Our Words?

What Will You Do Differently in 2016

Q. Do your actions speak louder than your words?

Every New Years I think about something my grandfather told me when I was ten years old. We were watching the huge crystal like ball that drops out of the sky every new years in Times Square.

My grandfather, who is long gone,  asked me if I knew why the ball in Times Square  comes down instead of going  up every New Years?  For the life of me, at the time, I couldn’t give him an answer. I was ten  years old.   Then  he said, “For me it means that when SSI sends me a letter, in December 2015, saying my SSI check is going up by five dollars, January first, I am waiting  for medicare to write me, in January 2016 , saying that my Medicare premiums are going up by five dollars. Since I break even, I’m content with the attempt to uplift my spirits and at the same time not brought down  or defeated by the fact that someone or something else can take it away. I never include the SSI increase in my budget, so I’m not disappointed. If I get an increase, the money goes straight into my piggy bank for a rainy day. People in my grandfather’s generation believed in rainy days. They experienced the great depression.

In five days the ball in Times Square will drop in New York City and a new year will reign in. New Years, January  1st,  is a day of reflection for me. Have you thought about what you want to accomplish in 2016?  Do you have a strategy and plan in place to fulfill your 2016 intentions and aspirations or will you play it by ear and do whatever is necessary when the time comes?

For some of us, our income will go up, and  we will reap the benefits  of all our work under the sun, in 2015.  Just remember this, no matter what direction your ball goes, up, down, or sideways, there are lessons to be learned, so take the time to reflect and gather your thoughts. Time is on our side if we are willing to learn from our mistakes and share our successes to make this a better world. Write, read, and share your thoughts, remembering actions speak louder than words.

Words cannot express… Happy New Years.

baloon STCA: If you’re writing a screenplay, the visual actions of your characters speak louder than words. It’s called show rather than tell, Visual is very important in film, and  audiences get to see a lot more of the expressions  of characters, the view, and the location in film. However, if you are writing a novel than your characters words, dialogue, and your descriptive narrative reign, and your reader is asked to use his/her imagination, visually, to enjoy the story.




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