The WOW Process of Writing: Are You Alone In There?

The Wow Factor

Small Talk Cards

  Wow, The Process of Writing can really spin your head around. Are You Really Alone When You Write or is there some character in your midst, or in your mind – lurking in the shadows and waiting to introduce themselves to you and mess up your plot? Are you sure someone’s not looking over your shoulder right now, someone you weren’t expecting? It can happen.

consider birdConsider This.12-1-2010 STC11.jpg

At a certain point in time, I have discovered that the characters in my book,  the ones I know about and create, and the ones who just show up unannounced,  come alive and introduce themselves to me, eventually. That’s when things really get interesting, because I can be really opinionated,  focused, and on a roll when I write. Then, when they think, I think, I know what my story is all about, they start to reveal themselves to me and  try to…

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Author/writer of prose, Craft Artist/Beadweaver, papercrafts/mixed media GypsyGirls Junky-gems Small Talk Cards copyright 2004 - 2015, GACM, Inc.
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