Panic in the Indie Book Market, Sales are Drastically Dropping!

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The Best Sellers List

Book Sales are down all over the Country and the world, so why is that? The Marketing/Advertising of books, especially novels, fiction, and nonfiction, is way down and the last of the five, traditional, book sellers are bracing themselves for a, serious. lack – lustered, boost in sales, during the winter holiday season — according to Variety and the NYT Book Review in September/October reports. Why?

I have a theory, two many books published in the past five years ( avg. 400,00 a year) and too many giveaways  in order to make the best sellers list – as a strategy. Even the rules at Book Cons have been drastically changing and authors are wondering if a book giveaway for a week or even two days,  is really a light bulb idea. Amazon’s  authors seem to support the notion to the tune of 80 million dollars a year, but…

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Author/writer of prose, Craft Artist/Beadweaver, papercrafts/mixed media GypsyGirls Junky-gems Small Talk Cards copyright 2004 - 2015, GACM, Inc.
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2 Responses to Panic in the Indie Book Market, Sales are Drastically Dropping!

  1. Ana Spoke says:

    I see sales and giveaways as a way to generate the “snowball” effect – if your book is good, the readers will tell others about it and will want to read more (that’s why it’s imperative to write more than one).


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