Saying What You Mean in a card or note. Is it easier or better?

Is saying what you really mean easier  when you write it down on a card  rather than in person? Some people might say yes. Why?

Because, cards convey what’s really on your mind and heart. Cards are notSTC LOGO BACK confrontational and may diffuse a situation you think could be volatile. Let’s be honest, most cards are about genuine affection and kindness. They say and express in words and deed, sometimes, what you can’t. Think of these cards as a better form of communication, than an email or text message, lovingly, fondly, and lastingly expressing your sentiments
You don’t have to do the eye contact thing with a girl or guy you have a crush on until your ready. Let a beautiful well thought out STC with the accompanying, appropriate words or saying, help your cause. You’re not good at ad-libbing or giving a reply on the spot — no problem. This is easier.

Prone to shyness,  tongue-tied when you meet that special one. The Short and Sweet Collection eliminates the fear of a clumsy moment. Great for shy teens,  shy  fly guys, and people who might say too much too soon.STC 9-7-15wordpress

If you’re too emotional about the person of your interest let the STC speak for you. STCs handle your dilemma, and there’s something to be said when you make it short and sweet. STC, a beautiful reminder. to say what you feel.

because you mean

what you say.  12-1-2010 STC12


About Small Talk Cards

Author/writer of prose, Craft Artist/Beadweaver, papercrafts/mixed media GypsyGirls Junky-gems Small Talk Cards copyright 2004 - 2015, GACM, Inc.
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