Finding your true voice in Your Blog

It took me about month to realize I was floundering. I had devewloped three blogs in one month and they basically were replicating one another. I was bouncing them back and forth from the source blog at wordpress to the other two recipients. It was basically nothing but duplication.

But now I think I’ve figured it out. If your wondering if I decided to scratch two blogs and keep just one, the answer is no. I decided to keep three blogs.  is my children’s blog and very key in my plans.

    My dilemma was between the other two, this one at wordpress and the  blog. They were repetitious, and I had nothing for my second love as a Craft Artist.   Small Talk Cards is all about selling my cards. They’ll be on ebay and etsy. My beaded bags are also my passion, and I can’t wait to show them. to you.

All and all, This is officially my craft blog. How to books and workshops, and a showcase of my work that’s for sale. 

   Now wouldn’t you think I’d have figured that out by now. I didn’t need two blogs for books along with and Facebook too.

  What I needed to do  was show you my one of a kind cards, so you could by your sweaty a special card from me, so she could see how much you really care.

Stay In Touch…with STC


About Small Talk Cards

Author/writer of prose, Craft Artist/Beadweaver, papercrafts/mixed media GypsyGirls Junky-gems Small Talk Cards copyright 2004 - 2015, GACM, Inc.
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