Self Publishing…What you need to know first.



I am considering self publishing two manuscripts I wrote, but I’ve  heard a lot of negative responses to self publishing, and I’m seeking feedback  on the subject. Personally, I think SP has been an asset for writers who were trying to publish their works with traditional publishing houses, that relegated their works to the slush piles, much too often, because they lacked celebrity status.

Now, with more unknowns being published, I find that, traditional publishers are starting to take a second look at their slush piles. This is good.

The problem is, self published authors have no idea how important it is to have a marketing plan in place to drive the book to sales through exposure. One hundred percent of zero sales is zero.  There in lies the problem, EXPOSURE or lack there of.

Advertising, marketing and public relations matters.  They are the meat and potatoes of publishing a book. So if your publishing a book for the purpose of making sales and acquiring royalties in your niche market, than take the time to learn about these three critical areas of book publishing.  That’s the short & sweet of it.

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One Response to Self Publishing…What you need to know first.

  1. The marketing aspect of self-publishing is my biggest obstacle. It requires a lot of time and energy that I’d rather devote to writing. Also, I don’t have a marketing personality. If you get a chance, check out my postaday post this Saturday. I’ll be posting about a writer who’s doing his own marketing. Maybe his experience will give some of us additional perspective.


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